Going Gluten-Free

Whether you’ve been told you need to go gluten-free by a medical professional or you’re trying it on your own as a means to feel better, I know how daunting it is. I know the overwhelming feeling you may be experiencing, and the panic of not knowing where to start. I hear you and all of those feelings are completely valid.

The first time I walked into the gluten-free aisle at the store, I cried. I sat down in front of the three measly shelves and cried.

I’m here to tell you, friend, that you can do this! It does get easier. The amount of products available now is truly amazing. I’m not saying you won’t have down days or you won’t be able to find a substitute for that food you’re craving, but you will be OK. You will figure this all out. There is an entire community standing behind you cheering you on.

Below is a list of some tip, tricks, and brands that I like/trust. This is not comprehensive but an ongoing list I update. ALWAYS read labels. Check the allergy statement and how it is processed!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

Going GF

No porous materials – cast iron, stoneware
Silpats are great for cookie sheets
Replace plastic tupperware that’s been microwaved

Purchase new wooden spoons and spatulas

Need new toaster
New waffle maker, griddle, etc.

McCormick’s – always check labels
Pioneer has GF taco seasoning and gravies

Corn or Rice Pasta
Tinkyada Rice Noodles
Barilla GF
Ronzoni GF

Food should taste good
Fritos (Frito Lay does a good job of marking their products)
Some Lays flavors
Most tortilla chips

Dry Goods
Old El paso – taco kits are GF
Success Rice
Zatarains spanish rice
*NO couscous

Canyon Bakehouse
Udi’s – hamburger + hot dog buns
Schar pizza crust
Mission tortillas – corn – labeled

Bob’s Red Mill GF 1-to-1 Flour
Almond Flour
Coconut Flour
Be careful with oats – MUST be GF certified (Bob’s Red Mill)
Coconut oil pam
Pillsbury mixes are pretty good – has funfetti cake and cookie mix
A lot of tubs of icing are safe too

Pace Picante Sauce
Soy is a no-go – use tamari, GF soy or coconut aminos
Olive Garden Dressing
Ken’s Dressings
Kraft dressings – always labeled
Francisco Rinaldi pasta sauce
Hidden valley ranch – dressing and powder packets

Heinz ketchup
French’s mustard
Hellman’s Mayo
Duke’s Mayo
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ
Vlassic relish + pickles
Bonnie Maman preserves

Van’s cereal + GF waffles
Garden Lites Breakfast muffins

Be wary of processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, sausage, sandwich meat, etc.
Be careful of large bags of meat like chicken and shrimp to make sure they didn’t use wheat as a preservative.
Jennie-O Hot Dogs
Jennie-O Turkey Bacon
Boar’s Head labels – sausage, pepperoni and sandwich meat
Starkist Tuna in Water
Jimmy Dean sausage – labeled

Be wary of soups and broths
Amy’s – check labels
Avoid condensed soups

Canned Goods
Most canned veggies are fine – always read labels

Welch’s gummy snacks
Motts Gummy Snacks
Target Pantry Gummy Snacks
Glutino cookies – any kind
Kinnickinick Vanilla Wafers
Goodie Girl – anything is good
Immaculate brand- refrigerated dough is amazing
Pirate Booty
Apple sauce
Fruit cups
Orville Popcorn
Skinny POP Popcorn
Trail mixes are iffy-  peak is a good brand at TJ Maxx
Be careful with nuts that they aren’t processed on shared equipment
Lara Bars

Most cheeses are OK – read labels
Goat Cheese
Most packages cheese are OK – read labels
Cream cheese is fine

Canyon Bakehouse

Snickers – regular
Reese’s Pieces
Hershey’s Kisses
Hershey Bars
Heath Bar

Feel Good Food
Udi’s Pizza
Ore Ida Tater Tots
Van’s GF waffles – SO good
Golden Platter Chicken Fingers/Nuggets
Applegate Farms
Blue Bell Vanilla
Kemp’s Frozen Yogurt – vanilla and a few other flavors
PhillySwirl Popsicles 
Brazi bites – brazilian cheese balls
Garden Lites Breakfast muffins

Chick-fil-a – grilled nuggets, ice cream (no shakes)
Chipotle – no tortilla
Five guys – bunless burger. Fries are safe.
Lupe Tortilla
Outback – be careful but OK to eat
Saltgrass – be careful but Ok to eat – have steak cooked in foil

Wal-mart – store is not labeled, has GF designated section
Sprouts – whole store is labeled
HEB – whole store is labeled
Kroger – whole store is labeled

Additional Advice
Good to buy all squeezy condiments to prevent CC
Butter is fine – make sure lid is labeled GF to avoid CC
Always read labels!
GF certified is best
Check processing statement. Cannot be processed on same equipment
MSG, natural flavors, smoke flavor – can all hide gluten